What are the participation criteria? All traditional painting media are acceptable including mixed media, and monotypes or monoprints.  Traditional photography is not accepted, however, it can be used as a source or part of the process of the artwork. The total worked surface must not exceed 20% of printed photography on paper.

Why aren’t you accepting photography for this show? Because we are looking for the influence of the artist, we are looking for a handmade aesthetic. We feel that photographs can be incongruent when viewed in context with other surfaces that are clearly manipulated by the human hand.

Why are there so many rules and fees with this show?  The show is one of four accepted proposals by Linekona’s curatorial department. Linekona’s mission is to educate the public about visual arts and the rich cultural, historical and artistic contributions of Hawai’I, Oceania and in relation to the world, both past, present and future.  AHA’s mission is similar: we strive to support the arts community by providing art exhibition and viewing opportunities for artists of all levels and to provide educational opportunities to the people of Hawai’I and our visitors.  The fees are to cover costs to plan and execute the exhibition as well as produce material that will help educate about relevant concepts, such as Wahi Pana. The rules are to comply with those HOMA has requested of us and to follow best practices of educational institutions such as museums, non-profit community groups, etc.  It is also helpful to remember that this is not a typical show where the goal is to compete for acceptance and sell your work. This is an opportunity for you to challenge your growth as an artist, to learn more and connect more deeply to your home in Hawai’I, and to help others learn more about wahi pana in Hawai’I nei. By participating and supporting this exhibition, you will be an aloha ambassador for the arts and Hawai’I associated with two organisations with a long and proud history.

How do I fulfill the Prequalification for participation?  You can do this by several options: Attend one of the Waikiki Historic Trail trainings, Talk Story Screenings and discussions, or log on and complete watching the video and online quiz. You must have completed the training before the event in order to have your painting qualify for acceptance into the show. 

I don’t know which site I want to paint at before the event, how I make sure I qualify to paint there? You may view any or all of the site mo’o ‘olelo especially if you are not sure which site you want to paint at.

I’m not sure yet which 3 pieces or places I want to submit my work for. How do I make sure I am eligible if I paint more than 3 or am thinking of more than 3 sites? Easy. Just be sure to complete the site orientations of all sites that seem interesting to you.  Then on the event dates, wherever you happen to be, and whatever you happen to be working on, take a photo of yourself and the piece email it to aloha@wahi-pana.com. You do not need to decide until you submit your entry with your photo of your completed work and yourself at the site. The entry deadline is April 5, so you have nearly a month to decide.

I didn’t do the training, but can I still show up and participate in the painting session? Yes, you may join the painters but you will not be eligible to enter your work for consideration for selection in the exhibition.

I am  not a painter, but can I attend the trainings or go and watch them at work during the paint out/art creation events? Yes, we encourage all to learn more about wahi pana and to build community. E komo mai!

If I post on Instagram that I was there, do I still have to send an email with my photo to aloha@wahi-pana.com? Yes, you do in order to complete your submission. However we encourage you to post to your social media accounts like facebook, twitter, Instagram, etc because AHA and the museum will be linking to the wahi-pana site to promote the event and you will get and help others get exposure about the event and exhibition.

I painted 5 paintings in 3 days. Can I choose which ones I want to submit?  Yes, If you complete 3 paintings on one day and 1 each on the subsequent 2 days…you may submit 3 of the five you created during the event of which one of them must be one of the 3 you created on Day 1.

I got notification that I’m in! What kind of frames can I use for my piece? Framed pieces must be framed in silver, gold, or white frames, simple, not ornate, no thicker than 1 inch for pieces less than 18in in longest dimension and 2 inches for those 19-36 inches. Liners or Mats should be white or off white no larger than 3 inches in any width. D-rings with coated picture hanging wire on the back is a must. No sawtooth hangers, eyehooks, or uncoated wire please. Print this FAQ page out and take it with you to the framing shop to make it easier to comply with these requirements. Unframed paintings are to be mounted on board or gallery wrapped canvas with a 1 to max 2 inch profile.  NO unpainted edges, no visible staples, no visible wires. The non-framed pieces must have finished edges (no exposed staples or tacks, no unpainted or partially painted or unfinished edges) The framed pieces must fit in the frame properly—no gaps between mat, glass and painting in the frame.  The frame should be flush with the wall when hung. Contact Wendy Roberts or consult with your framer if you are unsure.

I am unsure what kind of framing I should use, can I get more help and advice in framing? Yes on all framing for the Wahi Pana show. We have recommended frames for this show that you can order online. Be aware that you need at least 2 weeks lead time to receive your order.

I have a canvas painting on stretcher bars, do I need to put it in a frame?  Framing must be professionally presented with cradle-mounted or varnished mounted work, framed and matte pieces with glass or Plexiglass. If your painting is on a mounted board or a covered canvas frame with a depth of 1 inch or deeper, you can submit it without framing but no exposed edges with staples, loose edges of canvas, or unpainted edges will be allowed.

My painting is 5×7 inches on a panel I painted en plein air. Do I need to have it framed? For works smaller than 10 inches on longest dimension, it will need to be either mounted with finished edges or put into a frame. No unfinished or exposed edges will be accepted. A shadow box cradle can show off your panel nicely, if painted white, or finished in silver or gold. Or you can mount your panel so it hangs unframed. But the important thing is the the edges are finished and the back side has a secure hanging system consisting of d-rings and coated wire behind it.

I use the sawtooth hook that is on the ready-made frame I bought, since it already came with this frame.  Is this ok?   No. Hanging hardware using proper hanging wire, d-rings for works larger than 8x10inches.No sawtooth hooks or eye hooks. Exceptions and special instructions for hanging not using D-ring and wire hardware should be discussed and approved prior to take in. No exposed edges—nails, screws, glass, etc. which can pose a safety risk and will be rejected at take in.

On the back of my painting, I have 2 eye hooks screwed into a wooden frame with regular uncoated picture-hanging wire strung across. Is this ok? Framed works must use D-ring mounts with picture-hanging plastic-coated wire (available from a variety of suppliers). Work not under glass or plexiglass must have a protective coating, such as UV acrylic varnish and be dry enough to the touch for handling in receiving, hanging, and taking down of the show.  AHA is not responsible for dirt or damage to unprotected surfaces in the handling of the artwork in receiving, installation, exhibition, de-installation or return shipping. If you have questions or need help with this aspect, please contact Wendy 808-753-2387 or wendy@wendyrobertsfineart.com  at least 2 weeks in advance of the intake to help sort out questions pertaining to acceptable practices in framing or hanging. Work not framed or presented properly with proper hardware for hanging will be refused. Paid fees are non-refundable.

How do I make sure my artwork was shipped and received to AHA? Keep a copy for your records. For proof of delivery, please track your package with your shipper – we are not able to confirm individual deliveries.

Will I get a certificate of participation? Yes all artists registered and qualified who enter will receive a PDF certificate of participation in the event and all selected artists noting their participation and selected piece on view. The catalogue will list the participating artists.

Will there be awards? This is an exhibition, not an art sale or competition. There will not be any Best in Show, First Place, Second Place, Third Place or Honorable Mention awards. There will be sponsored awards for those pieces judged to exemplify sensitivity to wahi pana through a combination of the artistic work and text describing the artist’s experience.

If I get 3 pieces selected, why don’t I get 3 copies of the catalog? You pay one catalog fee upon notification of selection, and you will receive one catalog. You may purchase more copies for marketing or to give to family and friends. Outer island participants will have their copy mailed to them. You also are only required to sit for 1 pass, not 3.

Can I buy extra copies of the catalogue? Yes, you may purchase them online on the AHA website or at the HOMA gift shop.

I live on Oahu but work during the day and can’t sit a shift. Do I still have to pay the sitting fee? Yes.  HOMA is open on the weekends as well. If you can’t sit, use your ohana to help and ask for help to sit  for you. When you register, you may request a weekend day and we will try to prioritize this for you, but it is on a first-come first-served basis until all slots are filled.

I live on a neighbor island I won’t be able to come to the show. Do I still have to pay the sitting fee? No. Reach out and use your ohana and ask friends or family to sit for you because we will be using volunteers to cover your shift and if you can find someone, this will help us accommodate another neighbor.  Coming to the opening reception does not count as a sitting shift. Request a volunteer when you register. We will fill it on a first-come first-served basis until we run out of volunteer extra sitters. IF we can fill your spot with a volunteer, we will refund your sitting fee. We want to encourage participation by neighbor island artists, so have chosen to be more generous to you.

I signed up for a date for my sitting but now something has come up. Can I change my date and time? Once the sitting schedule is set, it will be posted on the Wahi Pana site for participating artists. If you cannot make your slot, it is your responsibility to send someone in your place or contact one of your fellow artists to swap with you. We do not need to change the schedule, but you need to state who you are sitting for and that they will take your spot.  Those who do not show up without prior notice and have not paid their sitting fee of $40 at least 1 week before opening 31 May 2018 will be barred from future AHA shows for two years.

What if someone sees my painting at Wahi Pana and wants to buy it?   If a collector contacts you, you may discuss purchase of your piece but the sale cannot be done at the premises and the painting cannot be picked up from HOMA premises. If this happens it could cost the museum thousands of dollars of fines due to state laws and prohibit us from showing at Linekona for years.  Please respect this prohibition and arrange a different location and time of sale.  This sale is solely between you, the Artist, and the Collector.  Anyone found conducting business at the show will be disqualified for future shows with AHA for 2 years.

If I sell my painting from the show, do I have to pay AHA a commission? AHA supports artists and being a non-profit organization, will not collect a commission as for-profit venues or organisations may require, such as a commercial art gallery. You, the Artist, keep 100% of the proceeds you collect, and pay 100% of the taxes  owed. Of course, if you or your Collector feel inclined to do so, AHA gladly accepts donations of any amount to continue our mission.