Harumi Fujimoto


Sunset at Kahanamoku Beach
Sunset at Kahanamoku Beach, Oil painting on canvas (16x20in)

At sunset time, there is no wind and no waves. I’ve observed a tree growing in the corner of Kahanamoku beach’s edge is bending. It seems as if the tree is bowing to the ocean yet standing strong, providing shade and comfort for all to enjoy. Sunset colors the tree, the city, and the Diamond Head in gold. They will vanish into the darkness soon. The sun promises to see us again tomorrow.

The Wizard Stones in Waikiki
The Wizard Stones in Waikiki, Oil painting on canvas (11x14in)

The Wizard Stones is located in the heart of Waikiki. These Stones are said to contain the mana (power) of four wizards who came to Oahu from Tahiti a long time ago, around 400 A.D. If these four giant stones could talk, they would talk interesting stories about Hawaiian histories. I can truly feel the power and magic when I’m in this area.