Marilyn Luipold


Kawainui – Around the Bend oil on canvas 8″ x 16″

Rounding the bend from Kaha Park, Kawainui unfolds. It can and does change before a viewer’s eyes as clouds, the winds, and mists move through. On the first painting day, mostly no surrounding mountains could be seen. A couple days later Konahuanui dominated the view like a protective overseer. Either way, all seemed well.

Na Pohaku o Hauwahine
Hauwahine’s View oil on canvas 8″ x 16″

The rocks at this Wahi Pana look and feel ancient. For me, although their elevation provides beautiful views of Kawainui, the rocks somehow draw visitors to them. They embody the essence of the place – are steady, imperturbable, solid, and – on the day I painted there – peaceful and warm.