Waikiki Walking Tour by Hawaiian Hospitality Association

Kumu Joe Recca will lead you through Waikiki, sharing the history beneath the city.  This is one of the on-site orientations that is a tour opportunity.  It will immerse you in the surroundings and history of Honolulu, This great tour was a large part of the inspiration for this exhibit’s concept!  These tours are recurring and will continue to happen periodically after the Wahi Pana Events. You are welcome to go for your own enjoyment.

Part 1: (from Royal Hawaiian Hotel to Hilton Hawaiian Village)


Part 2 (from the Zoo to Duke Kahanamoku Lagoon) 


For orientation purposes, please consider either watching the video listed on the Locations and Education page, or coming to the Wahi Pana Talk Story Panel at the Honolulu Museum of Art. Click here for details: http://wahi-pana.com/wahi-pana-talk-story-panel 

For artists who have an excise tax number, the tours of Waikiki can be free if you have a General Excise Tax license. Otherwise it is $30 (and very worth it).  No children please.

In order to have the fee waived, there are a few questions you will need to answer. They can be a bit confusing so we made a guide to help you understand.

How to sign up if you are an artist: