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Ocean Color: Satelite Imaging

Free lecture at Honolulu Musuem of Art School Main Gallery.

Ocean color is a scientific term that refers to the color reflected by light down upon and through the ocean floor and reflects back up and can be captured and shown in imaging technology called spectrum imaging. These satelite photos from space are real time, actual recordings at a high level of detail and beauty showing natural and man made activity–such as ocean current and temperature, coral and algae blooms, chemical spills, and even the wakes of large ships passing through ocean current.


More mo’olelo at Honolulu Museum of Art School Main Gallery Nov 12, 13 and 19

Summer is over and everyone in Wahi Pana has been very busy! I’ve seen some of the beautiful artwork in other shows around the island, and our Wahi Pana artists have been busy in their communities. It is heartwarming to see the art spread out there.

Wahi Pana will continue as a blog and email newsletter. This channel will share mo’olelo about those of us who love art, who want to connect to wahi pana through shared stories.

Chemistry of Water, Hawaii Watercolor Society’s Open Juried Show features paintings selected by juror Paul Jackson, a nationally acclaimed watercolorist and teacher. The concept was to create a space where art and science meet in the same space. To spark dialogue between creatives and scientists about color and water. The exhibit is open through November 22. There are four lectures free to the public by scientists leading in their fields held in the gallery. For more information visit eventbrite.